Your Chance to Chuck an Egg

A broken egg is pretty goopy and messy. That’s why there’s an Egg Throwing Competition in Swaton, England. Two people on a team stand 33 feet apart and one tosses an egg to the other. After each catch, that player has to take one step back and toss the egg back, making it harder and harder. The team that does the longest toss without breaking the egg wins!
Wee ones: If you throw an egg to your friend, then your friend throws to you, then you throw, then your friend…who throws next? What number toss is it?
Little kids: If you and your friend start 5 steps apart, and each of you takes 1 step back, how far apart are you now? Bonus: If you drop the egg only on the 3rd toss and on every 3rd toss after that, does the 8th egg break?
Big kids: If you and your egg-toss partner are 42 steps apart and you’ve each taken 7 steps, how close together did you start? Bonus: If your final total steps apart is 3 times your starting distance AND is 60 steps more than that number, how many steps apart did you start?

Wee ones: You throw next, on the 5th toss.

Little kids: 7 steps.  Bonus: No, it survives!

Big kids: 28 steps.  Bonus: 30 steps apart. The 60-step increase added enough that the starting distance became just 1 part out of 3, so it added 2 new parts the same size.  So 60 is 2 times the starting distance.

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