The Truth about Double-Stuf Oreos

You can’t believe everything you see, even the Double-Stuf Oreo, which says it has twice as much filling as an original Oreo. Well, a math teacher named Dan Anderson and his class weighed a pile of Oreos, then scraped out and weighed all the white filling to find out the “regular” amount of filling. They did this again with Double-Stuf, and found out it was only 1.86 times as much stuffing, not 2.00. We should have known — they couldn’t even bother to double the f in “stuff”!

Wee ones: If you eat 2 Oreos and each has 2 chocolate wafers, how many wafers do you eat?

Little kids: If you eat 6 Oreos, what numbers do you say to count down as you eat them?  Bonus: How many wafers do they have?

Big kids: If you eat 18 Oreos at once, which would be gross, and twice as many of them are Double-Stufs as regular, how many of each kind of Oreo do you stuff down?  Bonus: If you eat a regular Oreo first, then a Double-Stuf, then a Mega-Stuf, then a regular again to repeat the pattern, how many Double-Stufs do you eat out of 40 cookies?

The sky’s the limit: If you eat 75 cookies (ugh) and you eat the same number of regular Oreos as Double-Stufs, but 3 times as many Mega-Stufs as Double-Stufs, how many of each do you eat?

Wee ones: 4 wafers.

Little kids: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Bonus: 12 wafers.

Big kids: 12 Double-Stufs and 6 regular Oreos.  Bonus: 13 Double-Stufs. There are 13 full triplets of cookies, and the 40th cookie is a regular Oreo, not a Double-Stuf.

The sky’s the limit: You eat 45 Megas, 15 Doubles and 15 regulars. Each “set” of cookies has 1 regular Oreo, 1 Double-Stuff, and 3 mega-stufs, or 5 cookies total, and there are 15 of those sets in 75 cookies.

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