Donuts Gone Bonkers

by Laura Overdeck

When you stick one yummy food inside another, you get more yumminess. We have pigs in blankets (hot dogs wrapped in dough), chocolate croissants (chocolate inside buttery bread), and the “turducken,” a Thanksgiving dish where chicken meat is stuffed inside duck meat inside a turkey. Now we have the “donut turducken.” While testing donut recipes, chef Kim Laidlaw stuffed an apple fritter (fried apple pieces) inside pudding inside a donut, which she then coated with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Cinnamon-flavored apples don’t sound like a great match for chocolate…but it’s probably tastier than stuffing it with duck!

Wee ones: If you stuff apples inside pudding inside a donut covered in frosting, how many different foods have you mixed up?

Little kids: If you stuff 8 chunks of apple in one donut and 11 in another, which has more apple?  Bonus: If you stick 3 apple pieces in each donut, will 7 pieces be enough for 2 donuts?

Big kids: If guests are visiting you an hour from now, and it takes you 20 minutes to fry the apples, 20 minutes to fry the donuts, and 16 minutes to stuff them, can you make the donut turduckens in time?  Bonus: If you make 8 donuts in that time (56 minutes), how many minutes did each donut turducken take on average?










Wee ones: 4 foods.

Little kids: The donut with 11 chunks.  Bonus: Yes! since you need only 6 pieces.

Big kids: Yes: they will take 56 minutes, and guests are coming in 60.  Bonus: 7 minutes each.

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