Doggie Dinnertime, Week by Week

You’ve got to love this video of puppies skidding down the hall towards their food bowls. The 2 golden retrievers run down the same hall over and over — except they’re shown doing this about every 3 weeks. So through the video we see the puppies grow, and get a little better at rounding the corner without crashing. Somehow, they make it to dinner.

Wee ones: Point to the puppy on the left in the picture. Now point to the puppy on the right!

Little kids: How many big paws do those 2 puppies have together?  Bonus: If the puppies had romped on camera at 11 weeks, then 14, then 17…what week number would have been next?

Big kids: The video filmed the puppies from the end of 11 weeks until the end of the 46th week. For how long were they filmed?  Bonus: A dog’s age in “dog years” is 7 times the actual time they’ve lived, since they live shorter lives than we do. How long is 11 months in dog years and months?

Wee ones: See if you can tell your left from right.

Little kids: 8 paws.  Bonus: 20 weeks, because they’re all 3-week jumps.

Big kids: 35 weeks.  Bonus: It’s 77 months, which is 6 years and 5 months.

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