Snowboarding Crow

People have lots of ways to slide at top speed on snow: sledding, skiing, snowboarding. It turns out birds love winter sports, too. In this video, a crow who’s found a round jar lid slides down a snowy roof. That first trip might have been an accident, but then the crow grabs the lid, flies to the top of the roof and tries it again. The crow tests out a dry part of the roof, but goes back to the first slope to keep “crowboarding.”

Wee ones: The snow on the roof is white. Try to spot 4 white things in your room.

Little kids: If the crow’s ride starts 3 seconds into the video and lasts for 5 seconds, how many seconds into the video does the ride end?  Bonus: If the crow slides down the left side of the roof, then the right, then the left, then the right…out of 8 rides, how many will be on the left?

Big kids: If the crow starts the ride 9 feet from the edge of the roof and finishes 4 feet from the edge, how many inches did the crow slide? (Reminder if needed: One foot equals 12 inches.)  Bonus: If a woodpecker, robin and peacock all join in the fun, and a pair of birds ride the lid together, how many possible pairs could it be? (Don’t worry about the order, just the pairs of birds.)

Wee ones: Items might include bedsheets, socks, underwear, sneakers, and paper.

Little kids: At 8 seconds.  Bonus: 4 rides.

Big kids: 60 inches, since it’s 5 feet of sliding.  Bonus: 6 pairs.  The crow can pair with the woodpecker (W), robin (R), or peacock (P): CW, CR, CP. Then W can also pair with the robin or peacock, because we already tried CW. That gives us WR and WP. Finally, the robin has only the peacock left as a partner, giving us 3+2+1 = 6 pairs.

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