Crabby and Merry

Well, our next state is actually called Maryland, not merry land. But there are plenty of reasons to be happy we’re here! Maryland is one of just 6 states with an official “crustacean”: the blue crab. Even though it’s a small state, half our country’s blue crabs come from Maryland. Lots of Maryland restaurants have huge sculptures of crabs on their roofs, big enough to see from a hot air balloon. And in fact, the first American to fly in a hot air balloon was a 13-year-old kid named Edward Warren. He took off from Baltimore, Maryland in 1784. Edward got to fly because he was much lighter than the balloon’s grown-up owner. Whether you have 8, 2, or 0 legs on the ground, you’ll feel lucky to be here!
Wee ones: Does an 8-legged crab have more legs than you?
Little kids: If you take your pet crab for a walk on the beach, how many legs do you have all together? Bonus: How many human friends would have to join you to have as many people legs as crab legs?
Big kids: If Edward Warren flew 78 feet up into the air, many yards high did he fly? (Reminder: A yard has 3 feet.) Bonus: For how many years have we had hot air balloons flying in America? (Reminder: That first flight was in 1784.)








Wee ones: Yes, because 8 is more than 2.
Little kids: 10 legs. Bonus: 3 friends, because you include your own 2 legs in the count, and 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8.
Big kids: 26 yards. To divide by 3 more easily, you can break 78 into 2 smaller numbers and divide them by 3: 78 is 60 + 18, and 60 / 3 = 20 while 18 / 3 = 6. Then put it together: 20 + 6 = 26. Bonus: 235 years.

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