A New Job for Your “Chopper”

You can do a lot with a drone (a mini-helicopter), but how about cooking Thanksgiving dinner with one? In this crazy video shared by our friend Michael B., somebody uses a drone to peel veggies and lower a turkey into boiling oil. The cook also sticks egg beaters onto the drone and whips potatoes, heavy cream, pumpkin pie mix and gravy all at once. It makes a huge mess, but dinner is served!

Wee ones: The drone can mix up 4 bowls at once. Can you count to 4 out loud?

Little kids: If the drone is mixing only with the top left blade, the bottom right blade, and the bottom left blade, which blade is not mixing?  Bonus: If it peels 5 potatoes and 1 more carrot than that, how many veggies does it peel in total?

Big kids: If the turkey (or quail?) starts cooking at 12:45 pm and takes 25 minutes, when does it finish?  Bonus: If each cook with a drone can make dinner for 8 people, how many drones and cooks are needed to make enough dinner for 30?

Wee ones: 1, 2, 3, 4!

Little kids: The top right blade.  Bonus: 11 veggies, since it peeled 5 potatoes and 6 carrots.

Big kids: At 1:10 pm.  Bonus: 4 cooks and 4 drones, since 3 of each can make dinner for only 24 people total.

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