Class Pet

Whether it’s a hamster, a lizard, or a bunny, the class pet is your buddy. Like Hershey and Snickers here, the Bedtime Math guinea pigs — they’ll happily eat your veggies that you don’t want. But any animal is an eating, drinking, pooping machine. Someone needs to take care of them on the weekend — and that lucky person might be you!

Wee ones: If you feed Floppy the fish on the 1st day of the month and the 3rd day of the month, which number day did you skip?

Little kids: If someone needs to feed the hermit crabs every 3rd day starting on a Sunday, on what day do they eat for the 3rd time?  Bonus: If Hershey and Snickers each eat 5 big carrot sticks each day, how many do they eat in total when you take them home for a 2-day weekend?

Big kids: If there are 35 week(end)s of school and your class has 23 kids, and you each take a turn bringing home Godzilla the gerbil, how many kids get a 2nd weekend with Godzilla?  Bonus: If all but 7 kids are allergic to gerbils, how many times do those lucky 7 kids each get to take Godzilla?

Wee ones: The 2nd day.

Little kids: On Saturday.  Bonus: 20 sticks, since together they eat 10 each day.

Big kids: 12 kids.  Bonus: 5 times each.

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