A Football Field of Pizza

September 5th is Cheese Pizza Day in America, as if we need another reason to eat one? Americans eat over 100 acres of pizza each day. An acre is a rectangle 660 feet long by 66 wide, so those 100 acres could cover 75 football fields! How much flour does it take to make that much pizza? How many truckloads of tomatoes? 75 football fields of pizza takes a lot of math.

Wee ones: If you’ve eaten 4 slices of pizza, what number is your next slice?

Little kids: If you cut 1 pizza into 6 equal slices and the other same-sized pizza into 8 equal slices, which pizza has the bigger slices?  Bonus: If a thin-crust pizza feeds 6 kids and a deep-dish feeds twice as many since it’s thicker, how many kids does a deep-dish serve?

Big kids: If America eats 75 football fields of pizza in 1 day, how many football fields will the country eat in a normal 2-day weekend?  Bonus: How about in 1 week?

The sky’s the limit: A football field holds close to 20,000 pizzas. If your local pizzeria makes 100 pizzas a day, how many months and days would they take to fill that field? (Assume the months alternate 30 and 31 days.)

Wee ones: Slice 5.

Little kids: The pizza cut into 6 slices. Since there are fewer slices, there’s more pizza in each.  Bonus: 12 kids.

Big kids: 150 football fields.  Bonus: 525 football fields.

The sky’s the limit: 6 months and 17 days. It will take 200 days, and whether the first month has 30 or 31 days the first 6 months will take 183 days. That leaves 17 more to reach 200.

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