Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

What does it mean when people “let the cat out of the bag”? It means the truth came out. It might come from farmers selling pigs long ago. Sometimes a sneaky farmer would slip a cat in a bag instead of a piglet, since cats were less expensive. We guess whether you’re a cat or a pig, you’re glad to be out of the bag.

Wee ones: Who has more legs, a cat or a pig?

Little kids: If a cat and pig fall asleep at 2 pm and nap for 3 hours, will they be up in time for dinner at 6 pm?  Bonus: Cats eat about 1 ounce of cat food for every pound of body weight each day. If a kitty weighs 10 pounds, how much food does it eat in a week?

Big kids: A domestic pig can weigh more than 700 pounds! If one weighs just 400 pounds, how many 10-pound cats would have to pile up to match the pig?  Bonus: If the pig then peed and weighed 1 pound less, how much would it weigh?

Wee ones: They’re the same! Each animal has 4 legs.

Little kids: Yes, since they’ll wake up at 5 pm.  Bonus: 70 ounces.

Big kids: 40 cats.  Bonus: 399 pounds.

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