Who Has How Many Humps?

Let’s settle this once and for all: Do camels have one hump or two? There are 2 “species” or types of camel: the dromedary, which has 1 hump, and the bactrian camel, which has 2 humps. Also, camels can go for days without drinking water, but they don’t keep extra water in their hump, like people used to think. The hump is just a big lump of fat. Camels aren’t friendly — they spit at you if they get annoyed — but if you can climb up on one, you can enjoy a nice bumpy ride.

Wee ones: Who has more humps, a dromedary or a bactrian camel?

Little kids: A grown-up camel stands 6 feet tall at the shoulder, but its hump is 1 foot higher up than that. How high is the top of its hump?  Bonus: If 2 dromedaries and 2 bactrian camels go for a walk, how many humps do they have?

Big kids: Camels can live for 50 years. How many years from now will you match that?  Bonus: If you have 20 humps in the room, and there are twice as many bactrian camels (2-humped) as dromedaries, how many of each animal do you have?

Wee ones: The bactrian camel, since it has 2 instead of 1.

Little kids: 7 feet.  Bonus: 6 humps.

Big kids: Different for everyone…subtract your age in years from 50, or maybe you’ve already passed it!  Bonus: 4 dromedaries and 8 bactrian camels. Each “set” of a dromedary plus 2 bactrian camels has 5 humps, and there are 4 sets of 5 humps in 20.

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