Veggies? Just Roll with It

Not everyone loves the Brussels sprout, a small, round, green vegetable that’s kind of bitter-tasting. But Stuart Kettell rolled a Brussels sprout all the way up Mount Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales, by pushing it with his nose. It took him 4 days to roll it 3,560 feet, while wearing clunky kneepads, gloves, and of course a face protector. Even if Stuart doesn’t like Brussels sprouts, we hope he ate SOME kind of veggie before climbing that mountain!

Wee ones: A Brussels sprout is round like a ball (“sphere”). Try to find 2 spheres or balls in your room.

Little kids: If Stuart started pushing that Brussels sprout on a Tuesday and it took 4 days total including Tuesday, on what weekday did he finish?  Bonus: If Stuart rolled the sprout 3,560 feet and then rolled it 1 more foot to the side, how many feet did it roll in total? See if you can remember the number well enough to add 1!

Big kids: If a whole crowd of 18 people rolled veggies, and twice as many rolled corn on the cob as those rolling Brussels sprouts, how many rolled each veggie?  Bonus: What if 120 people rolled veggies, again with twice as many corn rollers as sprout rollers…how many rolled each one?

Wee ones: Items might include balls for play (soccer ball, beach ball, etc.), a ball of Playdough, or a marble.

Little kids: On a Friday.  Bonus: 3,561 feet.

Big kids: 12 rolled corn, 6 rolled sprouts. If double the number rolled corn, that’s like having a set of sprout rollers plus 2 more sets of sprout rollers, or 3 sets. So the sprout rollers are 1/3 the total.  Bonus: 80 corn rollers, 40 sprout rollers.

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