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A Really Big Draw(ing)

by Laura Overdeck

Biggest drawing by one personOur friend and fan Nathaniel J. drew a picture of a mountain, and then he asked us, what’s the biggest picture in the whole world? Well, thanks to all those ways to draw, there’s more than one answer. For the biggest drawing by 1 person, Ashok Nagpure drew a pencil sketch 8 feet tall and a whopping 324 feet long – as long as a city block! And if you want to go even bigger, Canadian cyclist Stephen draws huge pictures by riding his bike while holding a GPS tracker, which then traces his path as a red line on the map. This makes miles-wide pictures of unicorns, dinosaurs and other doodles — a lot easier than laying paper all across town.

Wee ones: If you want your drawing to have 5 colors, and you have pink, blue, green, and yellow chalk, do you have enough colors?

Little kids: If your drawing of a purple and white tiger covers 2 rows of sidewalk squares with 4 squares in each, how many squares have you covered?  Bonus: It took Ashok 7 months to draw his huge pencil drawing. If he started in March, when did he finish?

Big kids: If you take 11-inch-long sheets of paper and lay 9 of them end to end, how long a picture can you draw?  Bonus: Which way do you get to draw more neon green giraffes: 4 on each of those sheets, or 6 on every other sheet starting with the 1st?




Wee ones: Not quite — you have 4 colors, which is less than 5.

Little kids: 8 squares.  Bonus: In October.

Big kids: 99 inches.  Bonus: More if you draw 4 of them 9 times, which gives 36 giraffes; the other way you draw 30 in total (6 per sheet on 5 sheets of paper).



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