A Really Big Draw(ing)

What’s the biggest picture in the whole world? Well, the biggest drawing by 1 person, Ravi Soni, covers 6,781 square feet – about the size of a football field! But Canadian cyclist Stephen draws by riding his bike while holding a GPS tracker, which traces his path as a red line on the map. This makes miles-wide pictures of unicorns, dinosaurs and other doodles!

Wee ones: If you want your drawing to have 5 colors, and you have pink, blue, green, and yellow chalk, do you have enough colors?

Little kids: If your drawing of a purple and white tiger covers 2 rows of sidewalk squares with 4 squares in each, how many squares have you covered?  Bonus: If it took Ravi 7 months to draw his huge pencil drawing and he started in March, when did he finish?

Big kids: If you take 11-inch-long sheets of paper and lay 9 of them end to end, how long a picture can you draw?  Bonus: Which way do you get to draw more neon green giraffes: 4 on each of those sheets, or 6 on every other sheet starting with the 1st?

Wee ones: Not quite — you have 4 colors, which is less than 5.

Little kids: 8 squares.  Bonus: In October.

Big kids: 99 inches.  Bonus: More if you draw 4 of them 9 times, which gives 36 giraffes; the other way you draw 30 in total (6 per sheet on 5 sheets of paper).

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