The Wake ‘n Bacon

Sometimes it’s hard to wake up in the morning if you’re really sleepy. But the smell of yummy breakfast might get you out of bed. So how about an alarm clock that wakes you with the smell of bacon? That’s right: the Wake ‘n Bacon Alarm Clock not only buzzes to wake you up, but also pops out a tray of hot, crispy bacon. At night you put raw bacon inside the clock (which of course is shaped like a pig). In the morning, 10 minutes before your alarm goes off, the clock heats up and cooks the bacon. When the buzzer rings, the clock serves up your bacon from the side of the pig’s head. We heard about this clock years ago, but have still never seen one ourselves, even though this has to be the best invention ever. Someone should build it to make pancakes, too: the Wake ‘n Cake ‘n Bacon!

Wee ones: If you put 4 strips of bacon in your Wake ‘n Bacon, but then throw in 1 more, how many strips of bacon will it make?

Little kids: If you put in 3 strips of bacon for yourself and twice as much for the rest of your family, how many strips of bacon pop out?  Bonus: If it could make pancakes, too, and you make 2 strips of bacon, then 3 pancakes, then 2 strips of bacon…what’s the 10ththing you make?

Big kids: If you set you alarm for 7:05 am, at what time does the bacon start cooking if it needs 10 minutes?  Bonus: If you like softer bacon and set it to cook just 8 minutes each day, how much time does your Wake ‘n Bacon spend cooking bacon over 1 week?

Wee ones: 5 strips of bacon.

Little kids: 9 strips, since you make 6 for the rest of your family.  Bonus: A pancake, since it’s the 5th thing in a set of 5.

Big kids: At 6:55 am (5 minutes before 7 am).  Bonus: 56 minutes, or almost an hour a week.

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