The Bunnies on Your Block

Bunny rabbits are so cute. If you live in a grassy neighborhood, you might see one hop past your house. So how many bunnies can live in a neighborhood? There’s no one right answer, since rabbits also need the right plants to eat and the right weather. But some scientists say a small park 30 feet wide each way can have enough grass for 15 rabbits. So a backyard could be home for several bunnies – and if you’re trying to grow carrots or tomatoes in your garden, they’ll snack on those, too!

Wee ones: If you’ve counted 4 bunnies in your yard, what numbers do you say to count the next 3?

Little kids: Which has more bunnies, a group with 5 fluffy tails, or a group with 8 furry legs? Bonus: How many bunnies is that all together?

Big kids: If your street has 24 houses split evenly on both sides, but only houses on 1 side have bunnies, how many houses have them?  Bonus: If instead every house has 3 bunnies of its own, are there enough for every one of 80 residents to have one as a pet?

Wee ones: 5, 6, 7.

Little kids: The group with 5 tails, since it has 5 bunnies instead of 2.  Bonus: 7 bunnies.

Big kids: 12 houses.  Bonus: Not quite, since there are 72 bunnies.

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