A Teeny Friend for Bambi

If you’ve ever seen a grown-up deer, you know that they’re big animals. But some types of deer are very tiny, and the tiniest is the pudu. When a baby pudu was born at Queens Zoo, it stood just 6 inches tall and weighed less than a pound at birth. Like other baby deer, the pudu will lose its spots, but it will still be adorable!

Wee ones: A pudu has 4 legs. Who has more legs, a pudu or you?

Little kids: A pound has 16 ounces. Who weighs more, a 1-pound pudu or a 12-ounce bottle of water?  Bonus: If a 1-pound baby pudu grows to 13 pounds, how many pounds does it gain?

Big kids: The pudu will reach its full height of 12 inches at the shoulder in just 3 months. If your pet dog’s shoulder height is double that, how tall is your dog at the shoulder?  Bonus: If YOU doubled your height these next 3 months, how tall would you be?

Wee ones: The pudu has 4 legs, so it has more legs than you.

Little kids: The pudu, but not by much!  Bonus: 12 more pounds.

Big kids: 24 inches.  Bonus: Different for everyone…take your height in inches and double it (or add that number to itself)!

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