How Teeny Is a Baby Bunny?

Have you ever seen a real baby bunny, just a day or two old? Photographer Arefin Ashraful’s pet rabbit, Tooni, had 4 baby bunnies, called “kittens” just like baby cats. Arefin took pictures of them right from day 1. They don’t have any fur for the first 7 days, and their eyes don’t open until day 10! The kittens are born only a couple of inches long, but by 10 months they’re full-size like their parents. We humans take a good 14-18 years to do that! (Thank you Arefin for sharing your beautiful photos!)

Wee ones: Find 4 things small enough to fit in your hand like a baby bunny.

Little kids: If Tooni had 4 baby bunnies, how many bunnies did Arefin then have all together?   Bonus: If the bunnies open their eyes on day 10, how many days do they spend with them closed?

Big kids: If the bunnies were born on a Tuesday, on what day of the week would their eyes open if it’s their 10th day of life?  Bonus: If Tooni’s 4 kittens have 7 kittens each, and another bunny Toby’s 5 kittens have 5 kittens each, which bunny has more “grandkittens”?

Wee ones: Items might include bouncy balls, marbles, Lego pieces, a bar of soap, or keys.

Little kids: 5 bunnies.  Bonus: 9 days.

Big kids: On Thursday of the next week…their 10th day of life is 9 days later.  Bonus: Tooni. She has 4 x 7 = 28 grandkittens, while Toby has 5 x 5 = just 25 grandkittens.

And thank you Arefin for sharing your incredible photos with us!

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