Dog for a Day

If you have a dog and you go away for the weekend, someone needs to take care of your pet. Then there are other people who work all week and want a dog only on the weekend. Wait – you could all share one dog! There are dog-share businesses who connect weekday people with weekend people and take turns keeping the dog. Even whole groups of people swap the same dog. The dog always gets food and attention, and everyone gets to enjoy having a pet – well, depending on the dog…

Wee ones: If you get the dog on Fridays and give the dog back 2 days later, what day of the week does that happen?

Little kids: If your friend’s dog Harley stays with you for the 2 weekend days, and with your buddy the rest of the week, how many days does your friend keep him?  Bonus: If Harley is an eating machine, and over the weekend he chews through 4 pairs of your shoes, how many shoes got destroyed?

Big kids: If the neighborhood dog-share group has 6 dog fans, and they all share Harley equally over a 1-month cycle, how many days does each person get Harley? (Assume a 30-day month.) Bonus: If you don’t feed Harley quite enough and he chews through $50 of your carpeting and $80 of clothes, how much destruction did Harley do?

Wee ones: Sunday.

Little kids: 5 days.  Bonus: 8 shoes.

Big kids: 5 days.  Bonus: $130.

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