Can You Kick a Ball Across the Sea?

It’s fun to kick a soccer ball, but sometimes the ball gets away from you. Well, one kid’s soccer ball really got away from him. The ball splashed into the sea and floated more than 100 miles from a town in Ireland to a place called Tywyn, Wales. The person who found it in Wales posted a picture online, and so many people shared the photo that the ball’s owner was found in less than a day! We bet everyone got a real kick out of that.

Wee ones: What shape is a soccer ball?

Little kids: If the ball floated for 3 days, then dolphins played soccer with it for 3 days, and then it floated for 3 more days before reaching shore, how long was it at sea? Bonus: If those dolphins split up into 2 teams of 8 players each, how many dolphins were playing sea soccer?
Big kids: If it took the soccer ball 10 days to float 120 miles, how many miles did it float per day on average? Bonus: The longest distance anyone has kicked a soccer ball (without the ocean’s help) is 247 feet. How much longer is that than a 109-foot long soccer field?


Wee ones: A circle, or in 3D, a sphere.
Little kids: 9 days. Bonus: 16 dolphins.
Big kids: 12 miles per day. Bonus: 138 feet longer.

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