Can Birds Paint?

Birds are best known for flying, but they can do some neat stuff on land, too. This little falcon named Ferrisburgh has been making paintings with his feet. When he hurt his wing this summer, his human friends gave him paint and paper (and treats) to exercise his body and mind. Now you can sign up for an art class with Ferrisburgh - though you’ll probably do better with your hands than your feet!

Wee Ones: If Ferrisburgh paints with pink, purple, green and blue, how many colors does he use?

Little Kids: If 11 people show up for Tuesday’s art class and 14 show up for Wednesday’s class, which day’s class has more people?
Bonus: If Ferrisburgh makes 1 painting on Tuesday, 2 paintings on Wednesday, and 4 paintings on Thursday, how many paintings do you think he makes on Friday to continue the pattern?

Big Kids: If you put out a BIG 8-foot long, 6-foot wide rectangle canvas and Ferrisburgh walks all the way around the edge to paint its border, how many feet does he walk?
Bonus: If Ferrisburgh paints 1 self-portrait and 2 stick figure people in each square foot of that canvas, how many self-portraits and stick figures does he paint? 


Wee Ones: 4 colors. 

Little Kids: Wednesday's class has more people. 
Bonus: 8 paintings, because it doubles each day. Slow down Ferrisburgh, we’re gonna run out of paint!

Big Kids: 28 feet. 
Bonus: 48 self-portraits and 96 stick figures!

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