Can a Cow Drive a Car?

Maybe not, but they do like going for a ride! Jessica Nelson spotted a cow riding in line at the McDonald’s drivethrough in Marshfield, Wisconsin. It was just a baby – called a “calf” – and there were 2 more calves with it in the back seat. The owner, Bernie, told Jessica that he had just bought them at a fair and was grabbing a snack on his way home – we bet the cows ordered milkshakes.

Wee ones: If the calf in the window had 2 other calves with it, how many calves were there in total? Count them up! 
Little kids: If you and a cow walk into McDonald’s to order a milkshake, how many legs do you and the cow have together? Bonus: If each of you orders 4 milkshakes, how many milkshakes is that? 
Big kids: If you walk all 3 cows into McDonald’s, what fraction of the legs in that group are yours? Bonus: If a bunch of friends join you and now 1/2 the legs in the group are people legs, how many friends joined you? 


Wee ones: 3 calves. 
Little kids: 6 legs. Bonus: 8 milkshakes. 
Big kids: 1/7, because you have 2 of the 14 legs. Bonus: 5 friends. Since there are 12 cow legs, you need 12 people legs to be half the total. You have 2, so you need 10 more people legs.

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