B is for Birthday

Today we celebrate a very important person’s birthday: Cookie Monster. Well, OK, he isn’t exactly a person, but he wins the prize for being the least picky eater we know. Sure, he loves cookies, but he may also like to eat other popular items. Let’s celebrate the day by taking a look at Cookie Monster’s diet — we might get some new ideas for dinner.

Wee ones: If Cookie Monster eats 4 fuzzy slippers, a toilet plunger and a desk chair, how many items did Cookie have for lunch?

Little kids: If Cookie Monster comes over for a playdate, and he eats 14 cookies while you eat 2, how many did you eat together?  Bonus: If he talks you into eating 4 tennis balls while you’re at it, now how many snack items did you guys eat altogether?

Big kids: About 20 million Oreos are eaten every day. If 1/4 as many Chips Ahoy cookies are eaten every day, how many Chips Ahoys get eaten every day?  Bonus: It’s quite possible that Cookie Monster eats 1/5 of those Oreos himself. If that’s the case, how many does he eat in a 30-day month?

Wee ones: 6 lunch items.

Little kids: 16 cookies.  Bonus: 20 snack items.

Big kids: 5 million Chips Ahoy per day.  Bonus: 120 million Oreos.

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