Are There More Twins or Triplets Out There?

Do you know any twins or triplets – pairs or trios of siblings born on the same day? About 3 in 100 kids are twins, but triplets are 1 in 1,000! And then there are quadruplets – 1 in 8,000 – and quintuplets – 1 in 20,000 kids. The real math question is, when do we need to get a second cake?     

Wee ones: Which are there more of: days that are your birthday, or days that aren’t your birthday? 
Little kids: If your neighborhood celebrates a pair of twins’ birthdays on Tuesday, a set of triplets’ birthdays on Wednesday, and your own birthday on Thursday, how many kids celebrate birthdays that week? Bonus: If a group of quintuplets – 5 siblings – is running around and all but 1 of them are wearing sneakers, how many sneakers is the group wearing? 
Big kids: Which party has more kids: 5 pairs of twins, or 4 sets of triplets? Bonus: How many pairs of twins would it take to equal 30 sets of triplets?  


Wee ones: Days that aren’t your birthday – that’s why it’s special! 
Little kids: 6 birthdays: 2 + 3 + 1. Bonus: 8 sneakers: 4 kids with 2 sneakers each. 
Big kids: The triplets: 12 kids compared to 10. Bonus: 45 pairs of twins.

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