A Million-Dollar Speedbump

You never want to bump into something with your car – that’s called an accident. But here’s an accident that turned out great. The Schantz family drove over some lumpy bags left on the road. It turns out those bags were full of money! The family did the right thing and brought the mystery money to the police. The cops figured out it was supposed to go to a bank. Whoever lost those bags was super lucky!

Wee ones: Which is more: 1 dollar, or 2 dollars?

Little kids: If you find a lost hat on Monday and then find the hat’s owner 2 days later, does the owner get their hat back before the weekend? Bonus: If you split up 10 dollars evenly between your 2 pockets, but 1 pocket has a hole and you lose the money, how many dollars are left in the other pocket?

Big kids: Can you “spell” 1 million out in numbers? Bonus: Sometimes there’s a reward for returning lost items. If there was a 10% reward on $200 lost dollars, how many dollars would that reward be?

Wee ones: 2 dollars is more, because 2 is more than 1.

Little kids: Yes, the owner gets the hat back on Wednesday. Bonus: 5 dollars.

Big kids: 1,000,000. Bonus: 20 dollars, because 10% is 10 parts out of every 100, or 1/10, and 1/10 of 200 is 20.

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