A Fishy Deal

Sushi is a food that people either hate or love. And it turns out that at least 100 people love sushi enough to do almost anything for it. A restaurant in Taiwan started giving free sushi to anyone who had “Salmon” in their name – so folks started changing their name! In Taiwan you can change your name only 3 times in your life, so someone might get stuck being named Salmon forever. And then they really will be what they eat.

Wee ones: How many letters are in the name “Salmon”? How many letters are in your name?

Little kids: If you get 6 pieces of salmon sushi and 3 pieces of avocado sushi, how many total pieces do you get? Bonus: If the salmon sushi costs $2 per piece, how many dollars would a person named Salmon save on that order?

Big kids: If you change your name to Salmon and eat sushi 3 times per day for a whole week, how many times do you eat sushi? (Reminder: there are 7 days in 1 week.) Bonus: If you eat 10 pieces of sushi in each of those meals, how many pieces of sushi do you eat in a week?


Wee ones: There are 6 letters in “Salmon.” Your name might have fewer, more, or an equal number of letters!

Little kids: 9 pieces of sushi. Bonus: 12 dollars.

Big kids: You eat sushi 21 times. Bonus: 210 pieces of sushi.

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