A Dizzying World Record

Can you spin around 3 times? Great. Now, can you spin 3 times on a skateboard in midair? It’s just a board with 4 little wheels on the bottom, but you can do more than just roll down the street standing on it. You can roll down curved ramps and sail into the air — and spin. 11-year-old Gui Khury spun 3 full times, beating Tony Hawk’s record of 2 1/2 spins. We’re just glad they didn’t land upside-down.

Wee ones: Can you spin 3 times to your left, then 3 times to your right? Count as you spin!

Little kids: If you spin on your skateboard 3 full times to the right, then 2 times to the left, then another 3 spins to the right, how many spins is all that? Bonus: If you want an even number of total spins and you’ve already spun 8 times, should you do 1 or 2 more 3-spin tricks?

Big kids: A full spin in a circle turns through 360 degrees (imagine a clock with 360 little notches). How many degrees are in 3 spins? Bonus: Gui did 3 spins and Tony had done 2 1/2. How many more spins did Gui do?


Wee ones: Count up the spins: 1, 2, 3 to the left, 1, 2, 3, to the right!

Little kids: 8 spins: 3 + 2 + 3. Bonus: 2 more, because adding 3 spins to 8 would give you 10. Adding an odd number to an even number will always give you an odd sum!

Big kids: 1,080 degrees. Bonus: Just 1/2 spin more.

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