A Brush with Danger

Sometimes you look at your everyday life and decide you need a change – a big change.  And one way to get that is to repaint your bedroom.  Lots of colors, lots of eye-hurting patterns – something that will make a statement. If you could repaint your room, and could go as crazy as you wanted, what colors would you use?  Of course, the fancier you get, the more carefully you have to plan.

Wee ones: If you paint 4 walls and 1 ceiling all in different colors, how many colors of paint do you need?

Little kids: If you repaint your room like a jungle, and you need 4 quarts of Macaw Yellow and 4 quarts of Coconut Green, how many quarts of paint do you need? Bonus: If there are 4 quarts in 1 gallon, how many gallons of paint is that?

Big kids: You’ve decided to paint giant Lifesavers all over the walls.  If a gallon of paint is enough for 7 Lifesavers, how many candies can you paint with 3 gallons?  Bonus: Of those Lifesavers, if you paint 6 bright red and for the rest you paint equal numbers of yellow, orange and green, how many orange Lifesavers do you paint?

The sky’s the limit: In the middle of the night you secretly paint your room with glow-in-the-dark stripes – which is good, because you can see what you’re doing.  If you need 2 gallons of neon green, 3 times as much silver as green, and 4 times as much ultraviolet as silver to fill the walls, how many total gallons of paint do you need?











Wee ones: 5 different colors of paint.

Little kids: 8 quarts. Bonus: 2 gallons.

Big kids: 21 giant Lifesavers. Bonus: 5 orange, because you have 15 Lifesavers left and 3 colors for them.

The sky’s the limit: You need 32 gallons: 2 neon green, 6 silver, and 24 ultraviolet.

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