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50 States

A Tree That’s Tough to Hug
July 20th, 2019

California is huge in a lot of ways. It’s the third-largest state after Alaska and Texas, and nearly 40 million people live there, the most people of any state (and more people than live in all of Canada!). On top of that – literally – it has the highest point of the lower 48 states: […]

Truth or Dairy
July 19th, 2019

Our next state’s borders include Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, but it’s famous for another liquid: milk! Wisconsin is known as “America’s Dairyland,” and with more than 1.2 million milk cows, it’s easy to spot why. Those cows make enough milk to give 95 pounds of it to every American. Of course, milk doesn’t have to stay milk. […]

A Boatload of Mail
July 18th, 2019

Alabama is famous for its football, but today we’re going to celebrate a lesser-known team sport: mail delivery. One town called Magnolia Springs has a crazy way to bring mail to people’s homes: by boat! The mailman rides down the river with letters and packages for the 180 houses along the river’s edge. The town […]

The Maine Thing
July 17th, 2019

Maine is the only state whose name has just one syllable. Maine is also the only state that touches just one other state (New Hampshire). But our favorite thing about Maine is how much Mainers love dogs – and want to adopt them. A lady named Heather Hobby saves hundreds of dogs from the South and drives […]

Get Your Bunza to a Runza
July 16th, 2019

We all need snacks on a road trip, but some snacks (like apples) are easier to drag along than others (like piping hot soup). But what about a hot Runza? What is a Runza, anyway? It’s a tasty sandwich that Nebraska has been keeping secret from the rest of us. The bun is a doughy […]

A Giant Leap for Frogs
July 15th, 2019

Time to put on your boots, because the next state on our road trip kind of looks like one. And they’ve got hops: Rayne, Louisiana is the “Frog Capital of the World.” Every year this town has a festival with frog-jumping competitions. They’ve had that nickname since the 1800s, when two businessmen were eating frogs’ legs […]

The State at the Center of It All
July 14th, 2019

The next state on our trip is the Sunflower State, better known as Kansas. There’s some cool math happening here: the geographic center of the lower 48 states is in Kansas! Over 100 years ago, surveyors balanced a cardboard cutout of the U.S. on a pin, and found the center was near a town called […]

The Perfect State to Park
July 10th, 2019

Today Wyoming turns 129! Wyoming became the 44th state on this day in 1890. Only about 600,000 people live in this huge state, fewer than any other state. But more than 4 MILLION people come every year to see Yellowstone National Park and a really crazy thing it has: geysers. Geysers are streams of water […]

One Sharp State
July 9th, 2019

Arizona is home to the world’s most famous hole in the ground (The Grand Canyon). But did you know it’s also the only state with the famous saguaro cactus? These giant cacti can grow up to 60 feet tall, which is 2-3 times as tall as a house! It takes a long time to get […]

Garden State Shakes
July 8th, 2019

For a small state, New Jersey has a big appetite – and the food to prove it. Deep down we know Jersey makes better pizza than New York City and better cheesesteaks than Philadelphia (yes, these are fightin’ words). The Garden State’s endless farms grow delicious Jersey tomatoes, peaches and corn. Most important, though, is […]