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Who Let the Owls Out?

by Laura Overdeck

When you eat dinner, usually you don’t want animals waiting to grab a bite from your plate. But at restaurants in Japan, people are hanging out with birds of prey on purpose. At owl-themed cafes, real live owls hang out on their perch, watch you eat, and flap around over your head. The chefs even make some of the food to look like owls…after all, owls are pretty cute, with those big round eyes and spiky feathers. If you don’t mind your meal looking back at you, it could be a tasty treat.

Wee ones: How many owls can you count in the top picture?

Little kids: If you need 3 teeny slices of food to make an owl eye, how many little slices do you need for 1 owl dessert?  Bonus: How many eyes are needed for desserts for you and 3 friends?

Big kids: If a cafe serves 200 fish as sushi every day to its customers, and 300 fish to its “parliament” (flock) of owls, how many fish does the restaurant go through each day?  Bonus: How many fish does the restaurant have to buy each week?

Wee ones: 1 owl.

Little kids: 6 slices.  Bonus: 8 eyes.

Big kids: 500 fish.  Bonus: 3,500 fish!

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