How to Blow Up a Watermelon

You may have tried watermelon, but we bet you’ve never tried to make one explode. These two guys strapped lots and lots of rubber bands around a melon. Eventually the rubber bands squeezed the watermelon so tightly that they crushed it. Watch the video on this page to see the explosion in slow motion — and the cool rubber band ball it makes at the end!

Wee ones: Find 3 green things in your room, and line them up from smallest to biggest.

Little kids: If your watermelon slice has 7 seeds and your friend’s slice has 9 seeds, whose has more seeds?  Bonus: If you’ve just strapped the 12th rubber band onto your watermelon, what number rubber band comes next?

Big kids: If the guys just strapped on the 60th rubber band, what number band came 3 bands before that one?  Bonus: The world’s record-breaking watermelon weighed 350 pounds. How much more than you does it weigh?

Wee ones: Items might include clothes, leaves or blades of grass, crayons or Lego. Try lining them up!

Little kids: Your friend’s slice.  Bonus: The 13th band.

Big kids: The 57th band.  Bonus: Different for everyone…subtract your weight in pounds from 350!

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