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Craziest Basketball Shot Ever

by Laura Overdeck

In basketball, players bounce a ball back and forth until someone can throw it into the “basket” (a rope net 8 feet above the floor). But in this video, filmmaker Ryan Higa and his friends play a much crazier way. They bounce, roll and throw the ball through a house, backyard, kiddie pool, truck bed, and driveway, just to get it to the hoop. The ball rolls down ramps and stairways, gets flung by a giant rubber catapult, and is passed from person to person 27 times. Watch to count up the stunts — and to see the surprise ending!

Wee ones: If you bounce a basketball 8 times, what numbers do you say to count the bounces?

Little kids: Ryan filmed for 3 days to get the whole shot to work. If their 1st day was Tuesday, on what day did they finally get it right?  Bonus: If you got to throw the last of those 27 passes, how many passes were thrown before that?

Big kids: If the ball traveled 30 feet through the house, 50 feet around the backyard to the truck, and finally 20 feet to the hoop, how many feet did it travel?  Bonus: If half the 36 people in the video were wearing crazy costumes, how many costumes is that?

The sky’s the limit: The group had to try the shot 137 times to make this video. If the guy caught the ball from the catapult only on every 3rd try starting with the 2nd try, how many times did he catch the ball?




Wee ones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Little kids: On Thursday.  Bonus: 26 passes.

Big kids: 100 feet.  Bonus: 18 costumes.

The sky’s the limit: 46 times. After the 2nd try there were 135 more tries, which is a multiple of 3. So he caught it once on that 2nd try plus 1/3 of 135, or 45 more times.