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How Heavy Is a Fluffy Dog?

by Laura Overdeck

fluffy-dog-haircut-afterIt feels great to get a haircut. You feel so light and cool, because your hair weighs less. Well, as our fan Ally M. shared with us, this poor dog just got the haircut of his life. Lazarus, a Great Pyrenees (type of dog), had been left living alone in a barn, because his owner was too old to take care of him. The dog’s fur grew longer and longer, and knotty and dirty. Finally he was rescued, and the people who saved him sent him right to the groomer. As you can see, Lazarus had a LOT of fur, so much that he weighed 35 pounds less after they shaved him!  We can’t say we love this haircut – he’s now lollipop-shaped – but we hope they’ll let his fur grow back a little bit.

Wee ones: Lazarus and other Great Pyrenees dogs are white. See if you can spot 3 white things in the room.

Little kids: If your hair is 8 inches long and you cut off 1 inch, how long is it now?  Bonus: How much do you weigh? If you lost 35 pounds of hair, would you weigh anything at all?

Big kids: Lazarus got his haircut in September. If he gets his next haircut 7 months later, what month will that be?  Bonus: If Lazarus could grow back that hair in 7 months, how many pounds of hair would he have to grow each month (if it grows evenly)?












Wee ones: Answers might include pages in a book, sheets and pillowcases, and socks.

Little kids: 7 inches.  Bonus: Different for everyone…find out if you weigh more or less than 35 pounds!

Big kids: In April.  Bonus: 5 pounds a month.

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