Be a Math Ninja!

by Laura Overdeck

Every year April is Math Awareness Month! Let’s celebrate with a fun video for you on math in real life. In “Ninja Training,” we meet Kevin, a guy who will try any job but is almost never good at it. Why? Because he doesn’t do the math right. Watch what happens when he tries to be a sneaky ninja and it all goes wrong. (Parents: You might want to check out the video first before showing to your wee-est ones.) Click here to watch!

Wee ones: Kevin has to sneak through windows. What shape is the window in your room?

Little kids: To reach that window, Kevin climbs a ladder. If he’s climbed up the first 3 rungs, what numbers are the next 3 rungs he climbs? Bonus: If there are 10 rungs total, how many does he have left?

Big kids: If Kevin takes 12 seconds to climb the ladder and 1 second more than that just to fall through the window, how much time does that take in total? Bonus: Can he then make a 28-second run down the hall and finish it all in under 1 minute? (Reminder if needed: A minute has 60 seconds.)










Wee ones: Most windows are rectangles or squares, but yours might be an oval or other shape.

Little kids: 4, 5, 6. Bonus: 4 more rungs, since he’s climbed 6 out of 10.

Big kids: 13 seconds, since he takes 12 + 1. Bonus: Yes! He will take 13 + 28 = 41 seconds total.

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