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A Quick Drink for a Big Dog

May 28, 2020 4:00 pm


Dogs are pretty smart and can learn tricks quickly. This giant furry friend picked up on a very useful trick. Read on to see his talent – and slurp up a refreshing mouthful of math!

A One-Squiggle Cat

May 20, 2020 4:00 pm


It’s amazing what you can draw with just one line! Learn how Hilbert curves work with the help of a kitty in this story!

Best Friends, Just Like Cats and Dogs

May 14, 2020 4:00 pm


Learn how – and why – cats and dogs get along at the San Diego Zoo in this wild math story!

Giant Family for a Giant Tortoise

May 10, 2020 4:00 pm


Our friends Tyler and Ally M. just shared with us that last week Nigrita the 80-year-old Galapagos tortoise just had babies for the first time. While 80 years may seem like a long time, tortoises can live to be double that! Read on to see what other numbers make these reptiles a really big deal.

Eel-ing with Delight

May 4, 2020 4:00 pm


With aquariums closed, we’re missing visiting all those cool sea creatures. Turns out, they miss us, too! This aquarium in Tokyo wants people to FaceTime with their spotted garden eels....

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The Bunnies on Your Block

May 2, 2020 4:00 pm


Bedtime Math fan Anne S. asked us, how many bunnies can live in a neighborhood? Read on to get hopping with the math behind these furry neighborhood friends, and find out!

A Baby That Towers Over You

April 30, 2020 4:00 pm


Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world, towering 16 to 18 feet high. So just think about how tall baby giraffes are! And their height isn’t the only amazing number about them. Read on to reach new heights with the math of baby giraffes.

Hey! Quit Groundhogging the Pizza

April 28, 2020 4:00 pm


A lot of people love pizza. Turns out animals dig it, too. That groundhog in the picture showed up on someone’s patio with a slice of pizza in...

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How Many Toes Does a Horse Have?

April 26, 2020 4:00 pm


Do horses have toes? Read on to find out!

When Apples Try to Fly

April 25, 2020 4:00 pm


We love food, and we love it even more when we get to play with it. Chef John Mitzewich likes to play with his food, too – and created this neat apple swan! Read on to find out how to make one, while swan-diving through the math in playing with your food.