Big Burst of Bunnies

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Big Burst of Bunnies

February 15, 2017

Bunnies are really cute, except when they take over your whole town. In South Fargo, North Dakota, big fluffy jackrabbits the size of small dogs showed up a couple of years ago, and had baby bunnies and more baby bunnies so fast that bunnies showed up everywhere. A woman in this video said that every morning she woke up to see 40-50 of them in her backyard! Why did this happen? In one year a mama jackrabbit can have babies 4 times, with up to 9 baby bunnies in each litter. And if the bunnies have no “predators” — animals who want to eat them — there’s nothing stopping the hopping.

Wee ones: How many bunnies can you count in the photo?

Little kids: If you see 5 bunnies in your driveway, how many ears do they have?  Bonus: If the woman sees 8 bunnies under her picnic table, and 1 hops away, then another, then another, what numbers would you say to count down the number of bunnies left?

Big kids: If a mama bunny can have 4 litters of babies with 9 bunnies in each, how many bunnies does she have that year?  Bonus: How many babies would 100 mama bunnies have that year?




Wee ones: 9 bunnies.

Little kids: 10 ears.  Bonus: 7 bunnies, then 6, then 5.

Big kids: 36 babies.  Bonus: 3,600 baby bunnies!

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Laura Overdeck

Laura Overdeck

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