Math Libs 3rd Grade Skills

Round to the nearest 10 and 100 (3.NBT.1)

Extreme Ironing Excerpt:

Ananya and Charlie are facing Dylan and Ashley in an extreme ironing duel. What will they iron? And where?

  1. Ananya grabs Charlie’s puke pink swimsuit and climbs a 58-foot tree. Roughly how tall is that tree to the closest multiple of 10?

When Humans Take Flight Excerpt:

In hang gliding, you hold onto and jump off a cliff. then you pray that the thing will fly. Jake and Marcus are excited to try this!…

  1. Jake runs off the cliff and sails 463 feet before divebombing into a broccoli tree. Marcus jumps and sails 208 feet. Rounding to 10s, about how many feet farther did Jake sail?

Tug of War Excerpt:

Tug of War has been around forever, but Caitlin and Imani think they could be the world champs. They challenge Riley and Liam

  1. At the start, Imani and Riley are each standing 96 feet from the center line. How far apart are they from each other? 

The School Play Excerpt:

We can’t wait to see the school play. Ashanti plays a magician who turns Drew into a magenta giraffe. Only Cole can come to the rescue…

  1. The drink uses 7 cups of real spinach mixed into 1 cup of Diet Coke. How many cups of spinach does Cole need to make 4 times the recipe?

Crazy Cupcake Contest Excerpt:

Liam makes cupcakes topped with pizza and blue icing. But Annie knows hot magenta icing would look better…

  1. Isaiah was sure everyone would love mushroom cupcakes. So Isaiah made 72 of them. If there are 12 in each row on the tray, how many rows does the tray have?

Secret Ice Cream Dream Excerpt:

You didn’t know this, but your school’s basement is an ice cream factory. That’s where Holden and Bella go every day after school…

  1. Holden mixes new brussell sprouts ice cream. Holden divides a pint into 3 parts for Bella, Amaya and Ravi. What fraction does each kid get to eat?

Costume Contest Excerpt:

Everyone is excited for the school Halloween costume contest. Maddie thinks that being a aquamarine flamingo will win…

  1. Before the big vote, the kids walk in a parade. Luca makes it 5/8 of the way before losing a shoe. Elijah walks 3/8 of the way before losing a shoe. Who made it farther wearing both their shoes?

Making a Splash Excerpt:

Sophia and Ezra have found a refrigerator in the janitor closet. They got a great idea: hide snacks in there!…

  1. Sophia wants to throw in a big tray of anchovie-topped brownies. The tray is 20 inches by 8 inches. How much shelf space does the tray need?

Our New School Pet Excerpt:

Asher and Violet have found a great new school pet: Sam, a shark from the nearest aquarium…

  1. Violet feeds Sam 5 pails of razzmatazz popcorn. If there are 50 pieces of popcorn in each pail, how many pieces are there in total?

Tallest Roller Coaster in Town Excerpt:

Ellie says the school needs its own roller coaster! Theo gathers the team to plan it…

  1. 54 kids get in line to ride! If each truck can hold 6 kids, how many trucks are needed to carry all these riders?

The Early Worm Gets the Apple Excerpt

It’s great weather for the class to pick apples! Willow wants to make apple-cabbage pancakes, and Jaden craves apple-green beans pie.

  1. Nora slices apples for the apple-green beans pie. There are 2 baskets of 6 apples each. If Nora cuts 3 slices from each apple, how many slices are cut?

Diner Dogs Excerpt:

We all love diners, but why should we have all the fun? Logan and Delilah open a diner for…dogs. It will serve dogs’ favorite foods, like bone-shaped burgers, grilled macaroni and cheese and deep-fried eggplant

  1. Ellery shows up at 3:04 pm with a very hungry armadillo, who orders the pancakes. If Logan serves them 27 minutes later, at what time does the armadillo get to eat?