Math Libs 2nd Grade Skills

Add and subtract within 20 (2.OA.B.2)

Popcorn Break Excerpt:

Recess is much more fun with food. So Marco and Maeve set up a popcorn stand. They mix some really tasty asparagus popcorn and super-salted brussel sprouts popcorn…

  1. Alana grabs 8 bags of asparagus popcorn, and snacks on that along with 11 bags of mushrooms left over from lunch. How many bags of food does Alana have?

Wild Water Slide Excerpt:

We don’t know how this happened, but somehow during lunch a bunch of people built a giant waterslide. Now we know why Jayden was sneaking that stack of outrageous orange inner tubes into school…

  1. Amara finds a long unmellow yellow hose, and pulls it 20 feet up the stairs, 100 feet down the hall and then 9 feet to the window. How far did Amara pull the hose?

Our Own Legoland Excerpt:

Our school is building its own LegoLand! Emory and Alexander are making a giant zoo of tigers and parakeets, while Maddie and Nate build vehicles to drive them around. Whose creation will need the most pieces?

  1. Emory uses 313 pieces to make a tangerine tiger. Alexander’s aquamarine parakeet uses 294 pieces. Whose zoo animal used more?

World Record Style Excerpt:

Oliver and Emma want to break the Guinness World Record for wearing the most layers of socks. Elijah wants to set a new record: the most layers of t-shirts. Who will make it to the record books first?

  1. Oliver brings 13 socks, and Emma piles on 35 more. How many socks does Oliver have here to put on?

Scavenger Hunt Excerpt:

It’s the school scavenger hunt! Dante and Mae make a list of objects to find – the usual stuff, like a live sky blue cheetah, a stack of spinach pizzas, and Mateo’s famous laser lemon overalls

  1. Mae is supposed to hide the 18 spinach pizzas, but drops 2 of them and then eats 3 whole pizzas when no one is looking. How many pizzas are left?

Crazy Ice Cream Truck Excerpt:

During recess the ice cream truck pulls up! Zoey loves those taco ice cream sandwiches, and of course Marcus loves the broccoli ones…

  1. Zoey buys 16 taco ice cream sandwiches, while Marcus buys 23 broccoli ones. How many ice cream sandwiches did they buy in total?

Glow-in-the-Dark Treehouse Excerpt:

Forget jungle gyms – Ivy and Xavier are building a treehouse for the school! To enter, you don’t need to say a password. You just have to wear a razzmatazz sock and an olive green scarf… 

  1. Akira gets to work stringing purple pizzazz fairy lights. It takes 97 lights to go up the tree trunk, then 220 lights to go around the inside of the roof. How many lights did Akira put up?

Wild Garden Excerpt:

Your class is planting a garden to grow your own food! Theo and Luna buy bags of grilled cheese seeds, anchovie seeds, and a couple of fully grown pickle bushes…

  1. There are 250 big bags of grilled cheese seeds and 100 small bags. How many bags are there in total?

We’re on Thin Ice Excerpt:

It’s the big school ice skating show! Eliana skates onto the ice in a magenta elephant costume. Then Xavier zips out there dressed as a forest green orangutan

  1. Eliana turns to the right on the 1st spin, then left on the 2nd, and keeps alternating odd-even. Which way does Eliana turn on the 7th spin?

Lemonade Stand Excerpt:

Wow, it’s hot out. So Jayden and Isla set up a lemonade stand. They think everyone will love their midnight blue lemonade with razzle dazzle rose berries on top…

  1. A cup of midnight blue lemonade costs 55 cents. If you have 1 quarter and 2 dimes, do you have enough money to buy a lemonade?