A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late

As the first of the trilogy, Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late shows kids that math is a part of real life, underlying everything from pet care to food mishaps to comical, life-threatening stunts. The book quickly became a bestseller on Amazon, and has been translated into seven other languages. It has proven to kids and families that yes, math is something fun you might actually want to do on purpose.

“Overdeck debuts with a just-irreverent-enough book…she uses ripped-from-cable-TV themes (“Exploding Food,” “Sports You Shouldn’t Try at Home”) and breezy reality-based topics to tee up three levels of challenge. …Paillot (the My Weird School series) is a great choice for collaborator: called upon to illustrate everything from praying mantises to human cannonballs, he does it all with a good-hearted, goofy energy that should propel readers through the pages.” – Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“We all know we should read to our kids. But even if bedtime stories are routine in your house, when’s the last time you gave your kids a bedtime math problem? Probably never. And that’s one reason American students might struggle in a future that requires mathematical literacy… Maybe if more children grew up doing bedtime math problems, those numbers would be different.”USA Today review

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