Fun Factor

Fun Factor

Make math class come to life at home!

Fun Factor

Kids may be learning from home now, and it’s a new world for all of us. So we’re all looking for ways to make learning engaging and tangible from afar.

Fun Factor is our groundbreaking math offering for pandemic education. We’re adapting our long-running, research-proven after-school club games to work for the new virtual classroom for grades 3-5.

Here’s how it works:

  • Games use common household objects and images that can either be printed or hand-drawn so all kids can participate.
  • Teachers can do the activity with their students on their own over video or email them the materials for self-directed learning.
  • Each activity generates a lasting board game or toy so kids can continue the math fun and skill-building.
  • Our math activities page provides a list of trainings complete with materials for each activity along with teacher guides and videos.

Questions or feedback? Email Shayna Sackett-Gable, our Director of Pedagogy, at

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