Who’s the Nosiest Animal in the World?

No, not your younger sibling – we mean nosy as in the most, or longest, nose. There are lots of animals known for their noses. You can see a few examples in the picture. There are elephants, proboscis monkeys and dogs like greyhounds. But if you compare the length of the nose to the rest of the body, that little bug called a hawk moth might be the winner. Their noses can stretch more than 1 foot long, much longer than their bodies. That nose works just like a straw, so the moths can drink nectar from flowers. We bet they wouldn’t say no to a sip of your soda, either. 

Wee ones: How long is your nose? Is it longer than your finger? Your hand? Your whole body? 
Little kids: If a hawk moth has a body 3 inches long, plus a nose that’s 6 inches long, how long is it from the tip of its nose to its other end? Bonus: If a moth visits 4 flowers in the morning and twice as many flowers at night as in the morning, how many flowers does it visit overall? 
Big kids: The longest nose on a person is 3 1/2 inches long. If a hawk moth’s nose is 3 times as long as that person’s nose, how long is the hawk moth’s nose? Bonus: Your pet hawk moth loves brownies. If it sticks its 6-inch nose straight down into a stack of 1/2-inch-thick brownies, how many brownies can its nose stick through completely? 


Wee ones: Try it out for yourself! 
Little kids: 9 inches long. Bonus: 12 flowers: 4 in the morning plus 8 at night. 
Big kids: 10 1/2 inches long. You can use partial products to multiply whole numbers, then fractions: 3 1/2 x 3 = (3 x 3) + (1/2 x 3) = 9 + 1 1/2. Bonus: 12 brownies, since each pair of brownies stacks 1 inch and the nose can stick through 6 of those pairs.

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