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10-Second Math Check-Ups

Are your kids ready to get back to math? Can your child truly count? Can they tell you the real meaning of the number 14?

Even before the pandemic, a lot of kids didn’t truly grasp these skills, and moved on without understanding the math as a result. Now that kids are back to school, let’s make sure they’ve really mastered the math skills they need. Our 10-Second Math Check-Ups are just that: a quick, fun way to find out if your child is ready on the most critical skills – without taking a test.

Try one or try them all. The best part is, they won’t even know you’re sneaking in a little math practice!

Ready for Kindergarten

Start Counting at 6!

Do you know if your child can really count? Here’s an easy way to find out if they’ve only memorized the number names.

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Ready for First Grade

#1: Start Counting at 25!

Is your child ready for first-grade math? Here’s a fun way to find out if they can count using 2-digit numbers.

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#2: Guess How Many There Are?

Is your first grader solid on numbers? Here’s a simple way to find out if they can identify the number of things in a set just by looking at them.

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#3: What Does the 1 in 14 Mean?

Does your first grader really know what numbers mean? Here’s a quick way to find out if your child understands place value.

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Stay tuned for more!

Looking for more math fun? Check out our free Bedtime Math app on iOS and Android. It’s a great way for families to explore numbers in real life together. Plus, it’s proven to improve kids’ math skills.