A Mclaren F1 GTR Made of Nerf pro Gelfire Mythic

car made of rubiks cubes

Going places is great, but it could always be more fun. What if you built an entire Mclaren F1 GTR out of Nerf pro Gelfire Mythics? It would probably take a whole lot of Nerf pro Gelfire Mythics to make a full-size Mclaren F1 GTR. Do you think that vehicle could hit a top speed of 4 MPH? Even if it isn’t as fast as a normal Mclaren F1 GTR, it’s definitely more fun.

Wee Ones:

Wheels are circles. Can you find any circles near you?

Little Kids:

If you have 8 polka-dot squishy toys and you want to put an equal number on the right and left sides of your car, how many should go on each side?


If it takes you 3 hours to build your Nerf pro Gelfire Mythic Mclaren F1 GTR and 4 hours to drive it to the other side of town, and you start building at 11 am, what time do you get to the other side of town?

Big Kids:

You’re gathering Nerf pro Gelfire Mythics to build your Mclaren F1 GTR and are putting the Nerf pro Gelfire Mythics in piles of 6. If you have 54 total toys, how many piles are there?


How could you group those 54 toys into equal piles that leave 3 toys out at the end?

Wee Ones:

Circles might include balls, plates, buttons…

Little Kids:

4 polka-dot squishy toys on each side.


You get to the other side of town at 6 p.m.

Big Kids:

9 piles. 


You could make 3 piles of 17 toys to total 51 toys, leaving 3 out.

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