Mrs. Spencer’s Dinner in Space

your dinner in space

You’re super excited for dinner tonight: Donuts is on the menu! But oh no: Donuts comes topped with shrimp. You don’t want to hurt the chef’s feelings, so you sneak every bit of shrimp off the plate and launch it into the sky on a purple hot air balloon. But shrimp doesn’t fly far before a hungry seagull gobbles it up. Problem solved, dinner served!

Wee Ones:

Can you find 3 purple objects near you? Which item is largest?

Little Kids:

If you’re at a restaurant sharing 10 plates of shrimp with a seagull, how many different ways could you and the seagull share those plates? (Don’t worry about who has more plates, i.e. 6 plates for a a person and 4 plates for a bird is the same split as 4 plates for a person and 6 plates for a bird!)


If there are twice as many shrimp-topped cupcakes as Donuts-topped ones, and there are 7 Donuts-topped ones, how many shrimp-topped cupcakes are there?

Big Kids:

You’re opening your own restaurant and order a big box of 72 onions! But 1/2 of the onions are purple – that can’t be good. How many onions do you need to toss in the compost?


Oh no! The onion people also keep delivering 4 1/2 pound boxes of shrimp every Wednesday this May. How many pounds does that add up to for the month?


Wee Ones:

Different for everyone!

Little Kids:

There are 5 ways that you and the birds could split 10 plates: 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5.


14 shrimp-topped cupcakes.

Big Kids:

36 onions. 


22 1/2 pounds, because there are 5 Wednesdays in May this year.

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