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Cake? Waffles? Cake? Waffles?

by Laura Overdeck

If you like cake or waffles, this amazing dessert has both! The recipe for Chocolate-Raspberry Waffle Cake also has tons of math. First, you pour chocolate cake batter into a hot waffle iron to make a flat circle with little square dimples. Then you mix raspberries, sugar, and heavy cream to make berry-flavored whipped cream. Finally, you stack a waffle, then pink cream, then melted chocolate (!), then another waffle, then cream…and so on until you have 7 layers of each. Top it with MORE melted chocolate and a few fresh berries, and it adds up to yummy!

Wee ones: How many sides does a square have? Try to find 3 little square things in your room.

Little kids: If you layer waffles, then cream, then chocolate, then start over with waffles, then cream…what will the next layer be?  Bonus: If you stack 3 full sets of waffle, cream, and chocolate, how many layers do you have in total?

Big kids: If your cake has 47 layers in total (with a waffle as the 1st bottom layer, then cream, then chocolate), what ingredient is the top layer?  Bonus: Which layer is the exact middle layer — and what ingredient is it?

The sky’s the limit: If your cake has 124 layers, does it have complete sets of waffle-cream-chocolate with no leftovers? Find out the trick for seeing if a numbers is divisible by 3!




Wee ones: 4 (equal) sides. Items in your room might include book covers, squares on plaid or checkerboard clothes, and window panes.

Little kids: Chocolate.  Bonus: 9 layers of ingredients.

Big kids: Cream, since the 45th layer was chocolate to complete a set of 3.  Bonus: The 24th layer (23 below it, 23 above it), which is chocolate since it completes a set of 3.

The sky’s the limit: No, it doesn’t have complete sets. If a number is divisible by 3, its digits must add up to a multiple of 3, too. 123 is a multiple since 1+2+3 = 6, and 6 is 2×3. So 124 has 1 leftover layer.