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Row, Row, Row Your Pumpkin

by Laura Overdeck

It’s a bummer when you think you’ve grown the world’s biggest pumpkin, then someone beats you out with a bigger one. So Rick Swenson set another record: rowing a giant pumpkin. As our fans Tyler and Ally M. just shared with us, Rick’s buddy grew not one, but TWO 1,400-pound pumpkins. Together they weighed as much as a car! So Rick took it one step further. He cut his own 1,100-pound pumpkin in half, scooped out the slimy seeds, plopped it in the Red River, and climbed in. As he rowed down the river, a friend texted to tell him that someone had just set a new pumpkin-paddling record of 15 miles. So Rick paddled for almost 14 hours to row 25 3/5 miles, setting a new record. The question is, who rode the other half of that pumpkin?

Wee ones: If Rick grew 1 giant pumpkin and his friend grew 2 giant pumpkins, how many did they grow in total?

Little kids: After Rick rowed the first 3 miles, what numbers would you say for the next 5 miles he rowed?  Bonus: The pumpkin boat was 2 1/2 feet wide! If you lay across it, would your feet hang over the edge?

Big kids: Rick’s trip took 13 hours 40 minutes. If he started rowing at 7:30 am that day, when did he stop? (Hint if needed: What if he had rowed for just 12 hours?)  Bonus: If he cut that 1,100-pumpkin exactly in half, how much did his boat weigh?











Wee ones: 3 giant pumpkins.

Little kids: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  Bonus: Different for everyone…find out if you’re more than 2 1/2 feet tall!

Big kids: At 9:10 pm.  Bonus: 550 pounds – about the same as a small horse.