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When Laura Overdeck was a kid, she didn’t even know what flash cards were. Math was an ingredient in everyday fun activities around the house. Her mom introduced her early to baking, which was a yummy way to count and use fractions. Her dad taught her to use power tools at an unsafe age – more measurement, more fractions. Fractions were your friends: Learn to multiply everything by 1 1/2, and you could bake more cookies. Be off by 3/8 inch on the radial saw, and you might lose a fingertip.


Once Laura became a mom, she wanted to share the same playfulness and power of numbers with her own kids. Along with her husband John, she started giving a bedtime math problem to their two older kids each night after the usual bedtime story. When their 2-year-old started hollering for his own math problem, they knew they were onto something, and Bedtime Math was born.


Since then, Bedtime Math has emerged from the playroom to the national stage, with over half a million people downloading the app, over 2 million visiting the website, and more than 200,000 kids taking part in our after-school club, Crazy 8s. We’re now bringing that same spirit into schools to turn math class and homework into kids’ favorite part of the day.


Laura holds a B.A. in astrophysics from Princeton University, an M.B.A. in public policy from the Wharton School, and an honorary D. Eng. from Stevens Institute of Technology. When not playing with numbers, Laura likes quantifying the mysteries of chocolate and wine.


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