Your Underwear, and *Bedtime Math book 2!*

Your Underwear, and *Bedtime Math book 2!*

February 10, 2014

First, a fun announcement: The second Bedtime Math book is coming, with all-new wacky math…and it’s kicking off with a big party for you! Bedtime Math 2: This Time It’s Personal launches March 11, and to celebrate we’re throwing a nationwide Glow-in-the-Dark Geometry Party that week at bookstores across the U.S. Kids will build giant geometric shapes out of glowsticks, then flick off the lights to see them shine. Nearly 200 stores in 44 states are taking part, and New York-area parties will have Laura there in person to read to the kids and sign books. Check the list here to find a party near you!

With that, let’s have a sneak preview from the book.

Underwear is that strange piece of clothing where no one sees it on us, but we still care what it looks like. We don’t want to wear underwear that’s goofy-shaped, or full of holes, or decorated with a cartoon character we haven’t liked in 3 years. That’s why things turn desperate when the laundry hasn’t been washed in a few days and we run out of underwear. How many pairs do we need to get through the week — and if we run out, how many people are we willing to tell?

Wee ones: If you go back and forth between striped underwear and purple-elephant underwear, and you wore stripes yesterday and elephants today, which kind will you wear tomorrow?

Little kids: If the kids in your house have a total of 9 superhero pairs of underwear and 4 peace-sign pairs, how many total pairs do you all have?

Big kids: If you have 30 pairs of underwear — 3 neon, 8 polka-dot, and the rest plain old white — how many white pairs do you have?

Bonus: If you have 7 pairs of underwear that you always wear in the same order, how many pairs will you get to wear 5 times in a 30-day month instead of just 4 times?




Wee ones: A striped pair.

Little kids: 13 pairs in total.

Big kids: 19 white pairs.

Bonus: 2 pairs (since 4 full rounds cover 28 of the 30 days).

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