What Happens When You Bake a Phone

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What Happens When You Bake a Phone

June 8, 2017

No matter how many strange things people out there have tried, there’s always some new strange thing that no one’s tried yet. Like this guy, who decided to bake his iPhone into a cake to see if it would still work. That’s right: he mixed goopy cake batter, poured it into a pan, stuck his phone in it, threw some other goopy non-cakey foods on top for decoration, and then shoved the whole thing into a hot oven. As the video shows, the cake did bake, and it’s funny to see how the phone turned out. But we can’t promise that any iPhone will make it through, or that it will taste good. So don’t try this at home!

Wee ones: What shape is that phone?

Little kids: Which is hotter, a 300-degree oven or a 400-degree oven?  Bonus: The guy baked his phone-cake for 15 minutes. If he decided to add on another minute, how long would it have baked?

Big kids: If the phone baked for 15 minutes but 1/3 of the way through someone called it, how far into the baking did the phone ring?  Bonus: If the guy paid $700 for each iPhone and ran this experiment 3 times, how much did he spend on phones?

The sky’s the limit: Suppose a dry iPhone can survive the oven only 2 minutes, but each ounce of cake batter with it helps it last another 2 minutes. The problem is, your friends are coming over in 45 minutes, and it takes 30 minutes to bake 8 ounces of batter, plus another minute for each ounce above that. Do you have time to bake a cake and still have your phone survive?




Wee ones: A rectangle.

Little kids: The 400-degree oven.  Bonus: 16 minutes.

Big kids: 5 minutes in.  Bonus: $2,100.

The sky’s the limit: Yes! The first 8 ounces of batter will help your phone last 18 minutes, since it will be 2 minutes plus 2 more minutes for each of the 8 ounces (16 minutes). If you add another ounce of batter, it will last 20 minutes out of the 31 now to bake. Add 1 more ounce, and it will last 22 minutes out of the 32 to bake…the phone is catching up.  You still have 13 more minutes to bake, so you can add another 13 ounces of batter.  That will let your phone last an additional 26 minutes, for a total of 48.

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Laura Overdeck

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