Math with a Splash!

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Math with a Splash!

August 1, 2014

When you factor in back-to-school stress, a lack of holidays, and swampy levels of heat and humidity, the dog days of August can make you feel loopy. You could try to get all those errands, meals, and piano lessons done while meditating your way to inner peace, but we prefer to take the opposite approach: let yourself go a little bit crazy. In honor of our Crazy 8s Club, we’re bringing you 3 wild water games to squeeze the last drop of fun out of summer with our latest free downloadable printable.

With a simple click we’ll tell you what you need to know to enjoy these goofy activities in our Math with a Splash Printable:

Soak Your Head

Try some new angles and find out how many squirts it takes to make a measuring cup overflow (onto a parent’s head!)

Let’s Slope for the Best

Put a rubber ducky on the right path to fly at the speed of a real fowl. This is one game you’ll want to protract!

Measure Up

Scoop with speed, and catch measuring mania in this rambunctious relay race!

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