Splashtastic Water Balloon Fun

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Splashtastic Water Balloon Fun

July 7, 2014

A water balloon battle is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Sometimes you want to prolong the refreshing splashes a bit longer. That’s where water balloon games come in handy. Grab your garden hose and a package of water balloons because it’s time to get started!

Water Balloon Preparation

Filling water balloons can be time-consuming, so prepare ahead of time and have a good supply ready to go, er, throw. Take a giant plastic bin and fill it with water to hold the balloons as you fill them. The water helps to distribute the weight of the water balloons so they do not pop when they bump against each other.

Water Balloon Games

Classic Catch

Have the kiddos pair up two to a team. Team members start facing each other 18 inches apart. One player tosses the balloon and the other play catches it. After a successful catch, each kid takes a step back. Keep playing and moving farther apart until the balloon breaks. Now measure the distance between the winning pair. Start a new round and try to get farther each time.

Take that old game of catch to a crazy new level!

Slippery Slimy Catch

Add a smooth twist to an old favorite by putting something slippery, like dish soap or shaving cream, on the hands of players to make it more challenging. For younger kids, simply holding onto the balloon can be a challenge, so time how long they can do this.

The Biggest Splasher

Compete to see who can make the biggest splash by dropping balloons from different heights. Use what you have around the house. Toss them from on top of your deck, out a second story window, or after climbing a small ladder. What height leaves the largest splatter?

Older children may wonder how the size or fullness of a balloon affects the splash. Allow kids to weigh balloons using a kitchen scale to test how the mass of the water in the balloon changes things up.

We have lots of warm days ahead and plenty of water balloons to fill and explore. FYI, if you made the lightsabers on May the 4th they are fun to use against flying water balloons. Let’s just say we may have tried Jedi games in the sun.

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